Loc Soc was created out of necessity in 1995 while working in my fashion design studio, as a means of protecting my hair from dust as well as the hazards inherent in an environment with heavy machinery.  Although the original hair tube was created as a protective garment, it was soon apparent that the hair tube could serve multiple purposes. I realized that the hair tube was the perfect night cap to keep all of the locks together thus eliminating the likelihood of rolling over and pulling on them which causes stress and damage. 

Also, the hair tube alleviated the concern of waking up and having to remove lint that seemed to magically find its way into the locks.  The hair tube worked wonderfully while taking a shower, and also helped to keep my locks out of my plate while eating.  The possibilities for the hair tube seemed endless and soon after creating it, I decided to use them as accessory items in a fashion show for a model that had locks, and the rest as they say was history.  At the fashion show, the response was tremendous and the use of the hair tubes to make a fashion statement was realized.  We immediately began to experiment with different colors and fabrics and decided to create other types of hair coverings.  We decided to call the new accessory line LOC SOC which now included headbands, Napp Capps, and scarves, along with the original hair tube, which was renamed LS Tube.

The evolution of the Loc Soc brand of accessories is never ending so look for the new and exciting variations to come.  And remember, with the Loc Soc as a part of your daily wardrobe, you are sure to turn heads.


At Loc Soc, we are committed to providing the highest quality garments that you will come to appreciate.  While it is our mission to provide accessories to every man, woman, and child, we remain steadfast in our commitment to place quality first. Here at Loc Soc, we have very high standards and you can be confident that your Loc Soc accessory has met with our approval. “If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it to you.


Anyone!  Everyone! Style of Hair, Texture and Length of hair is irrelevant. Loc Soc has the most versatile line of hair accessories that you’ll experience.  With such a wide variety of hair accessories in numerous colors and prints and a plethora of fabrics there is a Loc Soc hair accessory to suit every need and desire. 

Also, the name Loc Soc does not mean that our accessories are only for those who have dreadlocks.  Remember one term to describe hair is Locks (i.e. Goldie Locks) So try one of the various accessories from Loc Soc and you just might be pleasantly surprised at its functionality and the way in which it compliments and adds style to your wardrobe.


  1. Protects your hair from dust and lent
  2. Makes a fashion statement
  3. Protects your hair from the elements
  4. Comfort and protection while sleeping
  5. Stylish Colors and prints
  6. Perfect for those “Bad Hair Days”
  7. Helps Control perspiration
  8. Helps to train your locks to go in one direction
  9. Accessorize your clothing